Take Charge, Be Human, Be Awesome

Take charge of your addictions – recognize your addictions to fear, sadness, being the victim, being the one in charge, e.g. We have emotional habits, and like anything else we can break them. It’s work, but not impossible. Be thankful for everything and anyone, even those that hurt you, because they teach some of the most valuable lessons.
When I say, “Namaste” at the end of my classes, it is because I am inspired to do so, not because it is what “yoga teachers do”. After teaching I feel super connected to everyone in the room. In my translation, namaste is, “The electrical energy, atoms and molecules, light and vibrations within me recognize the exact same in you.” We are only different based on what we see, and what we see is merely a fraction of what is there.
We are the same, whether you want to admit it or not. Like my dad and I were saying today, it’s one simple rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Just effin’ do it. That includes yourself. Chew on that. And thank you all for being yourselves


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