That Awkward Moment Between Birth and Death

It’s called life. And yes, it can get awkward. How much more free and less stressed would you feel if you could never get embarrassed, never feel “stupid” for making a mistake or misstep?

It’s a choice. When you fall over in tree in the middle of class, you can merely set yourself back up and try to pinpoint the problem and fix it, or you can feel bad about falling, as though you’re putting on some kind of show for those around you and you disappointed them, and then beat yourself up about it as you get back in.

A fall, or doing the other side of a pose, or hearing the wrong pose altogether, is merely part of the learning process. Once done, smile at yourself and forget about it, staying mindful of the next step or the next incarnation of the pose.

When you take your day out on a loved one, trip and fall while walking on the sidewalk, and fail to detect an error in an important work email, it’s all just part of being human. If other people seem intent on focusing on your missteps time and time again, that’s not necessarily about you – it’s their inability to move on, to see their own faults, and feel compassion towards the qualities you share. We ALL share the quality of not being perfect – we never will be, and the journey will only end when we take our last breath.

So show up, breathe through every pose, smile when you and others triumph, dismiss the start of disparaging thoughts, and encourage yourself the way you would a child, a partner, a friend or loved one when they endeavor to do something as challenging as yoga. In other words, DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF, and enjoy every step on your path, even the ones that leave you in the mud.


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